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Why Reya Re Branded

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

You may have noticed things look a little different on our social platforms lately. Reya got a makeover! We couldn’t be more excited to share what we’ve been up to and why we feel this new look will help us support you better.

I was recently asked by a coach of mine why I do what I do. She asked me “what keeps you going?” My answer: “the best part of my job is connecting with people and being able to provide them with a solution that enables health autonomy and supports their unique journeys.” My experience trying to find the right birth control option was far from fun. With Reya, I want to support people in accessing information that is relevant to their unique situation so that they can make confident choices for their own health.

Navigating birth control can be daunting. It can be an intimidating endeavor, with unforeseen experiences. When we lack education and information it’s difficult to know where to begin. That’s how I felt anyway. Unaware that there was more than the pill and condoms and totally unprepared for how my body could respond to these methods. I blindly jumped from method to method, in the hopes that my body would take well to at least one. I felt unsupported and many of my questions were left unanswered. The more I began speaking with other menstruators, the more evident it became that I was not alone in this gruelling trial and error.

The bottom line is that everyone’s health journey is unique. We should celebrate that and make space for it. As a team, Reya aims to meet people where they are and provide support that is personalized and helpful! Our philosophy is that contraceptive counselling goes beyond covering options and their side effects. It includes conversations about your personal habits, relationships, and how you make space for yourself. Contraceptive counseling isn’t just for pregnancy prevention. It can be a means of learning about your body and getting in touch with your natural rhythms. I don’t know about you, but this gets me excited!

So why the new look?

We imagine Reya as your birth control best friend. The type of friend who's always there with wine, to soak up the juicy details and offer words of wisdom. Just like your sister or your best friend, Reya is listening and we’re here to help.

Reya supports your birth control experience. We provide personalized information and insight on contraceptives that could work really well for you and we explain why! We dive into what you should be prepared for and how that option works with your body. We help you access or start a method of birth control and provide support as you use it. Together we monitor any side effects and your overall experience to ultimately decide if that option is right for you. Having autonomy in your health choices can lead to greater confidence and feeling of empowerment in other areas of your life. I know it had that impact on me anyway.

We went with a bold red for our main colour as we feel it’s electric and full of life. Our past colours felt too soft for the life of the party at wine night. You may notice our new messaging and language being all about you, because it should be! I feel like a broken record, but your health journey is unique! Your experience with birth control is unique! We want you to be at the center of this process so we are actively putting you there to ensure our process is always personal.

To further highlight and celebrate the diversity in health experiences, we would love to hear from you. Share your story with us! Our email and dm’s are always open! This is how we learn and work to progress our healthcare. It’s also how we foster a community of people coming together to ask for more. We deserve more birth control options that serve our bodies and lifestyles. We need more research that supports our experiences and more representation in the industry to reflect our communities!

If you want to chat, share a story, be featured on our social or collab with us, reach out via DM or email.

Rebrand by SA Creative Agency xo.

Editor: Lisa Hou


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