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We support and celebrate people of all identities, though Reya is only useful for those with ovaries.


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Curated information on
birth control for YOU - no
more "one-size-fits-all"

We help you outline all of
the little things that can
make the biggest
difference for your birth
control journey

We match you to the RIGHT
birth control option for
you, based on our
individualistic and science
based approach

Navigate the trial and
error process with
confidence and ease

Best birth control for me

Think of us as your birth control best friend.

Helping you explore your options and find the right one for you.

Before Using Reya

2 years

to find the right option


$1,000 spent

to find the right method


No Support

Using Reya

In moments

get matched to the right option



to find the right method


Personalized Follow-Up

and side effect tracking support

What Reya Users are Saying...

I really liked how the options were explained and how specific brands were given. I think that researching different birth control options and brands is extremely overwhelming. It was nice to have them narrowed down and have a concise list to choose from and talk to my doctor about.

Jenna R, 24

The matching service enlightened me as a female, and gave me the power to feel like I could make a decision on my own based on the knowledge that I was provided with. It also felt very personal since the results directly referred to my answers from the questionnaire, making me feel like I was being listened to and that choosing the right birth control for myself was a matter of importance. I would most definitely recommend this to a friend! I've already found myself mentioning the matching service to friends.

Gabby W, 21

I am in awe at the information and suggestions provided, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try your service. I have learned more about the pill from these results then any of my previous doctor appointments.

Kim K, 21

Using Reya was like a one stop shop for female birth control. There is so much information out there from friends, medical professionals and self-research, it can become overwhelming to find what is right for you - Reya alleviated that feeling. 

Erica G, 24


Birth control can be frustrating.

We are here to help.

A personalized birth control plan that you can feel good about.


Create a Profile

Get started by completing our questionnaire that helps us get to know you, your preferences, medical history, hormones, menstrual patterns, etc.


Get Your Results and Personalized Plan

Receive personalized information on birth control and helpful planning tips and tools. We explain which birth control options could be a good fit for you and WHY.


Birth Control Tracking

We help you monitor your birth control use and track any side effects so you can understand what's working and what's not, why, and what to do about it for YOUR body.


Make an informed decision for your body that you feel comfortable
and confident with

Contraceptive counselling and birth control support for your unique needs.

how to find the right birth control
What's Included
  • Personalized birth control information

  • Planning tips and tools specific to your needs

  • A Next Steps Plan curated for your unique journey with birth control

  • Explanations as to why an option is best for you or not

  • Expert support

  • You are prioritized and put at the center of this process

  • Dedicated guidance when tracking birth control use and side effects

  • Saves time and money, while being way more fun

  • No more trial and error

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