Find the Right Birth
Control Option for You 

Hi there! It's Reya™ - Your Birth Control Bestie
Hi there! It's Reya™ - Your Birth Control Bestie

Find the Right Birth
Control Option for You 

Hi there! It's Reya™ - Your Birth Control Bestie

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Our Service

contraceptive counselling

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Birth control isn't a "one size fits all" solution. From start to finish, Reya's contraceptive counselling, matching, and tracking service is tailored to your unique needs through an individualistic and science-based approach.

contraceptive counselling

medical and lifestyle needs



We'll ask you some questions about your menstruation, lifestyle, and birth control boundaries. Your answers and information are protected and private.

medical & lifestyle needs

& human centred design


Smart Algorithms

This app was designed with you in mind. Depending on your questionnaire answers, we'll suggest a birth control that best suits your needs, and give you tailored information on what it is, why it might work for you, and next steps.

& human centred design

of tailored birth control options

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Smart Suggestions

No more dreaded trial-and-error process. We streamline the birth control research to provide you with choices that work best for you.

of tailored birth control options

to support your ongoing needs

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Symptom Tracking

Reya comes with a built-in calendar interface that allows you to track your ongoing symptoms, including intuitive check-in's that make sure you are within your birth control boundaries. 

to support your ongoing needs

& higher quality continuous care

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Faster Solutions

You're not going through this alone. Reya provides a quick, personalized, science-based solution that lets you get what you need out of your birth control experience.

& higher quality continuous care


Think of us as your - Birth Control Best Friend™

Helping to explore your options and find the right birth control for you.

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A personalized birth control plan that you can feel good about.


Create a Profile and Complete your Questionnaire

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Get your Results and Review your Personalized Plan


Get Tailored Support based on your Birth Control Boundaries


Stay on track with Reya's Side Effect Tracker

What Reya Members are Saying...

I am in awe at the information and suggestions provided, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try your service. I have learned more about the pill from these results than any of my previous doctor appointments.

Kim K, 21

Using Reya was like a one stop shop for female birth control. There is so much information out there from friends, medical professionals and self-research, it can become overwhelming to find what is right for you - Reya alleviated that feeling. 

Erica G, 24

I really liked how the options were explained and how specific brands were given. I think that researching different birth control options and brands is extremely overwhelming. It was nice to have them narrowed down and have a concise list to choose from and talk to my doctor about.

Jenna R, 24

The matching service enlightened me given me the power to feel like I could make a decision on my own based on the knowledge that I was provided with. It also felt very personal since the results directly referred to my answers from the questionnaire, making me feel like I was being listened to and that choosing the right birth control for myself was a matter of importance.

Gabby W, 21


Birth control can be frustrating. 
We are here to help.

What's Included in your Membership?
  • Birth control suggestions, including detailed explanations for why a match might work best for you 

  • Planning tips and tools specific to your needs

  • The ability to set your Birth Control Boundaries, making sure you remain autonomous and within your comfort zone

  • One-on-one support with a Reya Guide

  • Track and monitor side effects with ease

  • Save time and money, while learning more about what birth control is right for you

  • No more trial-and-error

Coming soon!

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