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Matching people to the right female
birth control option for their unique body


1/3 of women try 5 or more birth control options

before they find one that works...

or they just give up.

75% are frustrated with traditional trial + error process.

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Our Mission

To equip every birth control user with the knowledge to make the most informed decision for them and their body using a science based, individualistic approach. We aim to eliminate the trial and error process of finding an option that works for an individual. Everyone is unique, so should be our birth control.

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Rate Your Birth Control Experience

Share your thoughts, side effects you may have experienced and rate any birth control options you have tried. This helps other female birth control users see how many other people experienced certain side effects and may help them make a decision for themselves.

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About Us

A company founded by a female birth control user for other female birth control users. After experiencing years of gruelling trial and error trying to find a suitable birth control option, Reya's founder and CEO set out to change the way we approach our search. We believe in a very near future where every female birth control user has access to reliable information to make informed decisions for their unique bodies.

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