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Announcement Alert: ClinicUp X Reya

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Announcement Alert! There’s a new kid on the block....Reya Health X ClinicUp!

We are beyond excited to share the news of our partnership with ClinicUp. ClinicUp is a virtual health clinic that provides access to doctor consults, prescriptions, and deliveries. Here at Reya, we believe in universal access, resources, and information for all birth control users. Through partnering with our friends at ClinicUp, we are taking one step forward in our quest to achieve this mission.

Reya is a user-focused digital contraceptive counseling tool. Our platform provides personalized information to connect people to the right birth control option. We help individuals track their side effects and offer support with their contraceptive match, which can include both hormonal and non-hormonal options!

My experience trying to find the right birth control option was complicated and defeating.

As the founder of Reya, I want to support people by sharing access to information that is relevant to their unique situation, so they can make confident decisions about their own health. Navigating birth control can be tricky. It can be an intimidating endeavor, filled with unpredictable factors. When we lack that comprehensive education it’s difficult to know where to begin. That’s how I felt anyway. The more I began speaking with other menstruators, the more evident it became that I was not alone in this exhausting trial-and-error process of finding a birth control option. One that actually works for you, not against you.


Not sure where to start with birth control?

Or maybe your current option isn't working for you.

Reya can help.


The bottom-line is that everyone’s health journey is unique. We should be celebrating and accommodating those journeys. As a team, Reya aims to provide support that is thorough and approachable. Our philosophy is that contraceptive counselling goes beyond covering options and their side effects. It includes conversations about your personal habits, relationships, and how you make space for yourself. Contraceptive counseling isn’t just for pregnancy prevention. It can be a means of learning about your body and getting in touch with your natural rhythms.

With ClinicUp, we are able to increase access to birth control methods that users are matched with through our Reya membership. They will have direct access to a team of dedicated doctors and free birth control delivery. Barriers to birth control can take many forms, such as limitations to health care due to transportation costs or feeling unsafe at your local clinic. With so many barriers in the way when it comes to finding the right birth control, this is an exciting step in the right direction! We are so thrilled to bring forth a new standard for birth control users by challenging the traditional contraceptive counselling routines.

How Will This Partnership Work?

Reya users are first matched to a few birth control methods that could work really well for them based on their unique situation, known as your Reya Results. Upon receiving your Reya Results, you will be invited to chat with a doctor virtually and access any prescriptions through ClinicUp. Easy peasy!

On the flip side, individuals inquiring about birth control through ClinicUp will have direct access to Reya’s services. This way they have the opportunity to receive further counselling, information, and resources on birth control that are customized to their needs and lifestyle.

To us at Reya, this partnership helps deliver a full-cycle service. Please note that ClinicUp services are only available to Ontario residents or those covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan).

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about this partnership. Or if you just want to say hey. Our lines are always open!

Editor: Lisa Hou

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