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Our Story

Reya Health is a company founded by a birth control user for birth control users. After years of experiencing the grueling trial and error process of trying to find a suitable contraceptive, Reya Health’s founder and CEO, Dallas Barnes, set out to change the way we approach our search. Building a birth control matching and tracking app that takes the guesswork and frustration out of the process, Reya Health aims to make your search for the right birth control more personalized, less painful, and maybe even a little fun. It is important that everyone using contraceptives has reliable information to make informed decisions for their own unique journey, and Reya Health was created to be your birth control bestie along the way.

Dallas Barnes

Our Team

Dallas Barnes

Dallas is the Founder and CEO of Reya Health. She is a Reproductive Rights and Sexual Health Activist and Speaker, sought after globally for workshops, events, and keynotes in policy change and leadership in these topics. Dallas has her Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business, and has since spent her career in activism and innovation. Through StartUp Canada Women, she coaches marginalized entrepreneurs on business plan strategy, and sits on the board of Femtech Canada, an organization that supports women’s health innovation in Canada.

Founder & CEO

Nickolas is a M.Sc. Applied Mathematics graduate from Western University. He brings 4+ years of research experience solving challenging problems with mathematics and programming, specializing in mathematical biology and related fields.


Innovation Lead & CTO

Quinn is a marketing and communications professional with experience working alongside some of Southwestern Ontario’s best and brightest startups. As a freelance writer in the topics of entrepreneurship, LBGTQ+ content, and sexual health & wellness, she brings a passion for growth marketing, community building, and #femtech to the the Reya team.

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Growth Marketing Manager

Sarah is a writer and content creator for wellness brands with a focus on
spirituality, personal development and sexual wellness. As a web-designer, writer, video editor and all things content creation and management, Sarah is integral in the curation of Reya's community and voice. 

Sarah Kelly_Portrait.jpg

Content Creator

Kim is a fourth year Kinesiology student at Western University with a passion for digital content creation. She is a Reya Campus Ambassador at her University, and contributes to the day-to-day marketing and strategy at Reya. 

Kim Nguyen.jpeg

Digital Marketing Intern

Dr. Alani is a lecturer at the University of Toronto's Department of Family and Community Medicine and a physician at Planned Parenthood Toronto. She is passionate about ensuring that her patients have the information they need to make the most informed decisions about their health.

Dr. Rahima Alani

Medical Advisor

Thara is a Naturopathic Doctor with over a decade of experience in women’s reproductive health, contraceptive counselling  and female hormonal management. Thara ran a holistic health clinic for 10 years and now oversees technology solutions in  clinical contexts. She speaks internationally for health literacy initiatives.

Thara Vayali

Medical Advisor

Lindsay has led growth marketing teams at Ancestry, Sephora, and The Limited, and marketing strategy and advisory roles at LiveRamp and other technology startups. Passionate about conscious consumerism, Lindsay focuses on helping mission-driven brands and innovative leaders.

Lindsay Chastain

Marketing, Partnerships & Growth Advisor

After a degree in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Systems and Computer Engineering, she worked as Software Engineer, Researcher and Project Manager for more than 10 years in different technical projects. Alessandra has a UX Diploma and teaches Information Systems, Digital Transformation and Digital Media at different Swiss Universities. She is a strong advocate for human centred technology focusing on improving human experience and quality of life by building technology that supports this purpose.

Alessandra Scicchitano

Product & Technology Advisor

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