How Reya Works

Updated: Jul 21

Birth control can often be tough to get right. With so many options available, not a lot of clear information or support, finding the right one for you can be a tiresome journey. Trust me, I’ve been there.

One third of American women use 5 or more birth control methods before they find one they like or they give up (did I mention this was a tiresome journey?). When we talked to women about their experience with birth control, 75% of them had negative things to say. Many reported feeling dismissed by their healthcare provider, having unexpected side effects and feeling a lack of support altogether. If you ask us, this is not OK.

At Reya, we want to guide women through their journey with birth control. Providing them information that is personalized to their unique lifestyle and needs. Through this individualistic approach, we put the user in the driver’s seat . We present only the relevant facts and enable users to make informed decisions on their own health. We support women all throughout their experience with birth control, helping women track any side effects they experience and again provide curated information for their unique situation.

Before you ask - Reya covers all birth control options available in Canada, from various pill brands, hormonal IUDs, condoms, and the fertility awareness method. We know all about hormonal and non-hormonal options!

How Reya Actually Works:

  1. When someone signs up for Reya’s birth control guide, they first receive a Starter Package. This helps prep them for the process ahead! For instance, every Reya user needs to know about their menstrual cycle because we ask some specific questions in the next step. Sometimes our users want to wait until after their next period so they can answer these questions to the best of their ability. In the Starter Package there is a handy checklist that helps users onto the next step of our process.

  2. Once the user is comfortable with all that’s outlined in the Starter Package, they are ready to complete the Personal Assessment! The assessment gives all the information our system needs to connect the user with birth control options that could be the best for them. It asks things about:

  3. Your past birth control options (if any) that you have used and what your experience was like using them. This is super helpful to know, because we are able to match any unwanted side effects you had with the type of hormone and level of hormone in a particular method. This way our system will avoid similar combinations and will begin learning which options might work better for your body. The same goes for any current contraceptive option you use. It’s helpful for our system to know how that option makes you feel.

  4. Your menstrual patterns! Things like how heavy your flow is and how often you get your period. These details tell our system hints about what the best hormonal dose might be for you (or no hormones at all).

  5. Your preferences are arguably the most important (besides medical history which we will get to). This is where you are able to tell us all about what you want in a birth control option and what you really don’t want. What’s your goal with birth control? That’s different for everyone and it’s critical to ask yourself. Our system listens to your wants and needs and pairs you with birth control options that fit into that.

  6. Your Medical History is actually the most important. You might really want a pill with estrogen (for whatever reason, let’s just roll with it) but your body is just not into it. It could be dangerous for you to use an option with estrogen. Our system will catch anything that might be a contraindication (a reason not to take a medical treatment) to a certain birth control option and it won’t present that to you in your results.

Your Reya Results

Next, our system will combine all of this information about you and will present you with a few birth control options that could work really well for you. We give a few options because it’s your choice. We are just here to provide personalized information on birth control methods to help you with this decision. For example, your results could range from a combination pill containing low estrogen and 4th generation progestin, the hormonal IUD to the Fertility Awareness Method. We cover all contraceptive options - hormonal and non hormonal. We explain HOW our system arrived at these particular options and what in your assessment led it there. We like to provide the ‘why’ so you can understand with confidence.

Tracking Your Birth Control Use

Oh the dreaded “trial phase”. Those first few months of trying a new birth control where anything is possible. Ever felt totally lost and confused when you started feeling a certain type of way that you were not expecting? (thanks birth control…) We help women navigate this stage through our Tracking System, supporting women in tracking any side effects they experience and how they are feeling overall. We provide an easy to use tracking journal and calendar so that users can note when they experience something that they’re not comfortable with. Recording your experience with birth control can help you make the final decision if it’s the one for you.

Personalized Follow Up

All throughout the process we’ve just described, a Reya Guide will be checking in with you. We are your person! You can ask them anything about your results, the process, birth control, whatever!

Medical professionals are busy people, and they often do not have time to follow up with women to see how they are making out with a new contraceptive. Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible with your birth control journey. We are here for you.

So, Why Reya?

The current contraceptive counselling process can be far too general. Oftentimes overlooking the individual’s unique situation, hence why so many women end up using an option that is not a good fit for them. Follow-up check ins and support through their trial phase is nearly nonexistent.

Our birth control matching and tracking guide puts women at the forefront of this health choice. We enable our users with information that is personalized for them and their unique situation - because birth control is NOT a one-size-fits-all. Reya helps navigate their use of birth control through tracking any side effects and how they feel overall. Our mission is to ensure every birth control user has access to personalized information and support so that they can feel confident and comfortable in the method they choose. Reya is the guide for women when it comes to birth control.

Reya Health does not provide medical advice. The information shared is based on research and science. Always consult a doctor before trying any new birth control method.